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    steerable or non steering model?

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  • Is navigating narrow spaces or being able
    to turn around in a tight circle a priority?

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  • Is the weight
    of the knee scooter a concern?

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What if I've had knee surgery?
Our best "rule of thumb" response for this question is if you are able to bend down on the floor or other hard surface comfortably with your knee, then a knee walker will probably work for you. Basically your knee will need to be able to support half of your body weight while using the knee scooter. We have many customers with knee replacements use a knee walker, but since everyone's condition is different, it's a personal call. This is one of the reasons we offer our easy cancellation policy, since we know knee walkers may not work for everyone.
What if I'm in-between heights?
Since the height ranges provided are more of a guideline than fact, the best thing to do is take a measurement. To measure for your knee walker, safely balance yourself and bend your leg that will be on the knee walker to a 90 degree angle. Make sure you are standing up straight and not leaning. Next, have a friend or family member measure the distance from the bottom of your bent knee to the floor. That measurement will need to be the same or greater than the minimum knee rest height for the model you choose. To view all of the model's knee rest measurements, click here.
Why would I need a split knee pad?
These knee pads feature a physical split in the knee pad as opposed to ones that are a solid, one piece design. Split knee pads have the space in the middle to accommodate the lip of a thick plaster cast or for some air boots with pumps. By allowing the lip of the cast to dip down, it helps alleviate some of the pressure from pushing on your shin. That being said, customers with casts use knee walkers with solid knee pads everyday with no issues. On the flip side, the same is true for customer with no cast or boot - you can use a split knee pad. It's really just a personal preference!